the PPP

So as much as I protested Greta wouldn’t budge on this whole possitivity crap so I did it. For my PPP I passed out cards to friends telling them that someone cared and that they were loved. It didn’t make me feel anything I do it all the time. Being a good person should be something you do for the effects on others not to gain any beneffit of your own.I’m sure they all appreciated it because knowing someone cares makes you feel appreciated and important. And who doesn’t like Feeling appreciated and important. If I had to do it again I wouldn’t hand out cards or post flyers there everywhere already and no one takes the time to appreciate them just throw them away or destroy them I think talking to people affects them more that what they read.from 1-10 I think it was about a 7 because I don’t belive in the whole possitivity schpeal.

Really I don’t veiw the world as a big black hole at least not most days. But there it negativity out there such as forceing your belifes on others which I feel this project has been doing since day one. I would never do this crap in my own life because even if it’s a possative message pushing people to belive sometime just because you want them to is negative not to mention wrong. Some people are possative and it works for them and that’s all good and dandy but I’m not and I feel the opposition to this project was not correctly responded to in this corse. Keep in mind these are my opinions but I hated this project with every fiber of my being but I gritted my teeth and did it for a grade. I’m tired of people looking down on negativity it’s really not such a bad thing. Sometimes the truth is a negative thing and people need to learn how to handle it. Most of Americas complaints are from not faceing the not so happy facts. Kids are fat because mommy can’t say no to little timmy whos 5 and wants his own big mac meal kids are having kids because they weren’t taught about safe sex just abstaining till their married It may not be possative but it’s true and if we keep babying people to think that the worlds all sun shine and flowers it’s only gonna get worse. People as a whole need to wise up take the responceablity and remember for every action there is an equil and oppisite reaction.


The Chronic Neutral


Love is…

Love you ask? I say it’s like walking on broken glass. But sadly hearts don’t have shoes.


The reason I say this is because no matter what kind of love you have love is pain. It can cut you to the core with pain so intence you can’t breath and you feel nautious with a lump in your throat that you can only cry out. Love is one of the best and worst feelings in the world. How can something feel so good and hurt so bad?

It doesn’t matter if it’s loveing someone who doesn’t feel the same, going through a break up or just loveing someone so much it hurts. Love is pain. The only reason we want to love is because as much as it may hurt when it’s bad it’s bad but when it’s good it’s good.

Sometimes I look back on all the pain I’ve gone through and I wish I couldn’t feel at all. As protection so I would never have to feel pain again. But I would miss out on all those wonderful feelings like happiness,excitement and love. So I guess things are better this way. But I still sometimes wish my weary little heart had shoes for the rest of this journey we call life.

a perfect world

People have this ideal of a perfect world. There are many thoughts on how to make our world perfect. Ideals from comunisum to the belifes held by the nazi’s have tried to perfect our world and you know what it just won’t work.

The world will never be a perfect place for the simple fact that we’re all too different.What’s perfect for some is hellish for others. You simply can’t please everyone all the time.

No matter how good or bad a system for perfection of our society is it will always be flawed. No matter how much some people like a system some will hate it. So where as we can slowly work on improving our world it will never be perfect. This is mostly due to the negative aspects of human nature such as greed, dishonesty, coruption, maipulation, violence. As long as there is rape or murder or war the world will not be a perfect place. End of story.


In the case of Okonkwo I would suggest he get rid of the missionary invaders who threaten his way of life by killing them before they became a threat, maybe by burning the church down. Whereas I wouldn’t advise this in American culture it seems like it would be a good idea in the book seeing as it’s a work of fiction and no real lives would be lost.

I can sympathise with Okonkwo’s distaste for people pushing religion on him because I go through the same thing all the time. I do not have any religion nor religious titles. I’m not an atheist but I don’t believe in “God”. My mom is Christian and very religious but makes a point of not pushing religion on me. In contrast to my grandma is very Christian, goes to church every weekend, and hasn’t treated me the same since I told her that I’m not Christian. She constantly brings up God in majority of conversations and tells me I should believe as she does.

It’s not just my familey either. Every weekend when I go downtown to hangout, I see people on street corners screaming, holding signs saying if you don’t believe you’re going to go to hell. Strangers tell me I’m wrong for being who I am and living the way I do. I hate it. I believe that you can’t choose what you believe in; you either do believe or you don’t. I think the world woud be such a better place if everyone would just respect everyone’s right to their opinions. 

theme blog

the theme of fear is constant

Okonkwo is in constant fear of being a failure of a man like his father. His reaction to this fear horrifies his wives and children makeing him more a figure to be feared than a loveing father. He works to prove himself in fear of how others see him and suffers for it the book doesn’t talk much about Okonkwo’s feelings but you have to wonder what he’s feeling emotionaly. Does he want to be closer and more care to his children but can’t out of his fear? What else is he afraid of what does he long for who would he be if he didn’t care what people thought of him?

I can understand his fear beacuse I think we all fear failure and the idea that we’re going to turn out like our parents. We don’t share these fears for hope of self preservations. But slowly we craddle these fears and they eat at us day by day sometimes people get over their fears some we live with forever.

Beaten like she owes you money.

(week 2 prompt 3)

“Okonkwo, who had been walking aimlessly about his compound in suppressed anger, suddenly found an outlet.  ‘Who killed this banana tree?’ he asked. A hush fell over the compound immediately. ‘Who killed this tree? Or are you all deaf and dumb?’ As a matter of fact the tree was very much alive. Okonkwo’s second wife had merely cut a few leaves off it to wrap some food, and she said so. Without further argument Okonkwo gave her a sound beating and left her and her only daughter weeping.”

I’m only fourty four pages into this book and I’m outraged.Spousal abuse is in no terms a new topic in most cultures. But in the book Things Fall Apart it seems it seems to be far to exceptable.The book takes place in the 1950’s in Umuofia, Africa. Already the main character Okonkwo has already beatten two of his three wives and threatened to break his sons jaw. For all of this he only had to make offerings to the temple of a god once because he beat his wife during the week of peace. 

I mean given the fact that pleanty of American men in the 1950’s may have beat their wives, but it was more covert. Beaten wives in america would pretend everything was fine and cover up their husbands abuse with make-up. Although in America women could press charges against their husband for abuse and send them to jail. 

I look down on any “man” who finds it acceptable to hit a woman. Spousal abuse is a horrible practice that plagues America to this day.  Maybe not as frequently since the femienist movement and America, but it’s still an issue in American life. and it’s not just men beating women anymore spousal abuse affects straight, gay and lesbian relationships.



“things fall apart”


How sad this truth. As much as we yearn to conserve what we reap after time all pictures fade, all cloth unravels, and all things sadly do fall apart. Some quicker than others some breakes are fixable, but eventually theirs nothing left to fix just the remains of what once was.

However what makes matters worse is material objects aren’t the only things that break in life. People deal with broken bones, broken homes, and broken hearts. Sometimes people just break and are never the same again. These thing states of human sanity and emotion are much harder to fix you can’t glue a broken heart, tape a broken familey, or mend a broken girl.

Although sometimes just sometimes broken can be beautiful. Broken things are used to recycle or make something new altogether. To fix something it must be broken and sometimes it makes it better.